photo: regina kokoszka

Like everything else about Brooklyn, its dogs are just a little bit hipper and more diverse. From the skateboarding bulldog under the Brooklyn Bridge, to famous rat terrier of the Red Hook Projects, Brooklyn dogs have flair – and so do their owners!

Captivated by this aspect of boro life, I took my first dog/owner photo in the Gowanus projects — a tough guy with a pit bull, who I wasn’t sure would be willing to pose with his pet. To my surprise, he was thrilled to participate, and @dogprojectbrooklyn was born. Since then I’ve photographed DJs, fashionistas, neighborhood eccentrics, retired grandmothers, and everyone in between, and each of them had a story to share.  Today, @dogprojectbrooklyn’s followers can’t get enough of these heartfelt, funny, poignant tales. Follow @dogprojectbrooklyn on Instagram.